Friday, October 22, 2010


Dark night, no stars, full moon
Chilly breeze hitting her, cold weather in June
She clutched her coat tighter and whistled a tune
Her warm abode she hoped to get to soon

The cold wind blew constantly on her face
No flu but she had a hanky with her just in case
She heard footsteps follow her, her heart started to race
She quickened her pace as she hurried on to her place

She walked in haste her home not yet in view
Hurrying along she hoped to find someone she knew
The steps were nearer and her fear grew
She wished she learnt karate or kung-fu

Slowly the footsteps were getting close
She couldn't turn her face to expose
She was scared as she weighed the cons and pros
Suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder and she froze

She tried to scream but no voice was heard
She tried to speak but she couldn't say a word
She got dizzy and her vision was blurred
She wanted to call out and alert the guard

The grip on the shoulder held firm
She got weak and her feet went numb
She couldn't think of a way to free her arm
She was terrified and she hoped for no harm

Her heart raced as she turned around
She was suprised at what she found
Tears in her eyes and she finally made a sound
just a whimper as she faced head down

She let of a sigh of relief and a giggle in part
A wave of calmness stilled her heart
Ofcurse it was him she should have known from the start
It was him who watched for where she was at

His hand reached to prop her chin
He looked into her eyes her favor to win
She blushed and smiled this warmed her skin
He threw his arms around her and gave her a spin

Now she was was home no need for force
She skipped and leaped for joy because
He stole her heart with just cause
And her home was where he was

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New love.....

A new love opens up the heart like a flower to a bee
The flower oblivious of the impending journey to be
The journey that will  take the heart on a spree
The heart to love, adore same affection different degree
The affection that causes the beloved to see
The beloved to perceive no fault, no wrong, no need to disagree
The need of love that that covers a multitude of sin you see
The sin of flaws and of weaknesses of the real me
The real person who desires to love free
The love without inhibitions that results in delight and glee
The delight when the lock has been opened by that one key
The open new love, not just a feeling like the raging sea
The feeling like the sky blue or strong like the oak tree
The strong act of faith small like a mustard seed or like the pea
The seed that is planted that grows and matures to something lovely
The something that does not necessarily dot the i's and the cross the tee
The cross are prone to anger but love deals with issues humbly
The issues that are forgiven not times one or two or three
The times infinite and grievances are  forgiven totally
The forgiven all make mistakes no one is perfect even me
The perfect love casts out fear and sets you free.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spread the love

Love where you live
paint the picket fence every other eve
be it Nairobi, Paris or Tel-aviv
speak the truth always don't decieve

Love your friends big and small
those you meet in church and at the mall
even those who whine and bawl
they are still your friends imperfection and all

Love your hood you know you should
Halla at the poor, give them food
give toys to the kids and clothe the nude
wherever you go, like Jesus, do good

Love where you work
Whether your the boss or a clerk
Don't hold grudges, let no anger lurk
to light a fire only takes a spark

Love yourself, you are special too
Love what you are and what you can do
God created and loves the unique you
Jesus died to make your old brand new

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Convicted! Liberated!

Convicted! Not from what is inflicted
but what is depicted in my life that is affected
indeed it is what I advocated after I premeditated
The situation alleviated itself and ends adjusted

Heavyhearted! saddened and jilted
Love that was halted and I was humiliated
Got corrected warm words, was comforted
Devastated I looked up and got directed

Devoted! to the path designated
purposeful ignited onwards dedicated
trials unexpected but grateful for the hope generated
My life no longer complicated just redirected

Liberated! by His Son who was resurrected
No longer convicted or rejected
but accepted into His kingdom forever inherited
Elated in knowing am His child. I am free! I am Liberated!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


She held fast to the white petaled flower
She clutched it hard in her hand
She treasured it every minute, every hour
It was the real thing not the contraband

The beautiful petals hang firmly on the stalk
The white complimenting the green
The white shining in the rays of the sun round the clock
The white its rich, pure and clean

The white petals soft to the touch
She felt as she touched the flower to her cheek
Gentle and tender, velvet and such
She sought for such others to pick

The white petals returning her gaze
returning her smile
Like they read into her soul maze
igniting her sense of style

Maybe the white was drawing her
closer and closer to her destiny
Maybe the white was deluding her
taking her further and further into her enchanted spree

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The ghost of a good life.....

That which haunted her
That which dwelt within her that was no more
She was and now is not
The ghost of a good life

She reminisces with a smile
How happy she used to be
How happy her mother would have been
but she's now a ghost of a good life

She lived with her grandma now
who is so proud of her achievements
she became a mentor to many young girls
but remains the ghost of a good life

Everybody loved her, spoke well of her
she was married with children who were loved too
A school teacher admired by many
then became a ghost of a good life

who will take after her
who will carry her legacy
she waits for her children to be older
and relieve the ghost of a good life

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the mind of the heart....

He had said He loved her
and she had said it too
They were to be together forever
Or so they thought
They had been seeing each other a while now
each moment more exhilarating than the last
So in love with her he was
And in love with him she was
Looking into each others eyes would be speech
holding each others hands was communication
They were certain
They were sure
It was meant to be

The bumpy rides came and shook their little union
They drifted apart but soon got close again
They learned how to deal with this
The conflict would keep them apart no more
They soon talked about marriage
They were a serious bunch
even to the detail of how many kids
They laughed together
When she cried he comforted her
And they laughed some more
He held his head up
He was going to be great someday and he knew it
He wanted to share his future with her

She supported his hobby and passion
He supported her dreams and ambition
They made a great team
They would make a great family
or so they thought
Her eyes were on him alone
Her heart was with her studies and family
The divided attention took a toll of her
She had to let one go
All wanted her time, her love, her attention
How could she let her education suffer from lack of dedication?
How could her family be last on the list?
She let him go
she was sad and so was he
He wondered why?
He always asked
Why him and not a balance sought after?
After all the bumpy rides he thought they were better than that
They could have made it
They could have done it together
She had only one year left
It could have been managed
He supported her
He let her go

Her eyes were still on him, her heart broken
His eyes were on her, his heart broken
If their hearts would have decided
They would have remained together forever

Friday, May 21, 2010

You are free to sin no more!

You were only 30 and you thought you made it huh?
Trying to dart me but your mind was still far
Telling me you were for real and yet you were from a bar
Saying you loved me and yet on the side was another her

Cruising in your "Bimer" rolling like a higher flier
Winking at the ladies and flirting like a player
Hitting the roads daily different chic in the rear
The weed made you high you still wished you could get higher

You kept with the trends cause you wanted be cool
You turned 42 and still wanted to make girls drool
Showed them the money made them drop out of school
Nah maen that wasn't right, you were not bright you were just a fool

15 years on the job you were a don at the big place
threw your money to the girls at the clubs and local base
lied to them over and over with the same catchy phrase
you had nothing to show but you still ran the rat race

you were almost 50 had many kids but no wifey
you didn't support their youngins you said it was a tad pricey
you thought you were a free man-always a player, your policy
you tossed and turned for meaning but your heart was still icy

You got sickly and weak at about 52
In your death bed all alone there I went to see you
You looked so old and worn and no one to see you through
You were sad and mad and told me that you wished you knew

At the funeral save the priest, I was the only one there
You must have thought it would have been an all a flair affair
We buried you and for you I said a solemn prayer
You had no one left and no legacy to share

It was indeed sad how your life ebbed to nothing
All you knew was partying, drinking and sniffing
I loved you but when I warned you you weren't listening
I withdrew and went my way to find a more solid living

I found that Jesus was the answer and I heeded to His call
My life is no longer empty and I love Him above all
I have learned about Biblical men like the apostle Paul
Whose heart's desire is to be a fire that's the higher call

I have a loving husband and two kids for family
I would have been dead if Jesus hadn't saved the sinner me
Now I can live happily for I have the victory
Day by day by His grace and His unfailing mercy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am a woman worth fighting for!

I am a queen, not just a pretty princess,
A beautiful woman with more responsibility not less
with an intelligent mind and common sense
with a mind of saving even as little as two cents

I am a nurturer, kind and caring
A woman that is soothing and loving
At home and at work I am encouraging
A designer and mentor at the forefront in home making

I am a Partner, my audience of one is captivated
I am supportive, to my love I am committed
A woman who is submissive to her one knighted
Through good times and bad with Him I am elated

I am a friend faithful and true
A woman to be counted on through through
Attractive features I have from every view
My inner beauty is God-influenced and made anew

I am a daughter of the most high my heritage to enjoy
A woman of great influence not to manipulate but employ
A glorious female I am busting with joy
When God created me, He was not hoping for a boy

I am a dream girl and I will soar
I have broken up with my past it bothers me no more
I am a woman who believes she is what God says she is
I will arise and shine! I am a woman worth fighting for.

Dedicated to all Machinists women who are worth fighting for...y'all are diamonds and I love you.
To all women out there, you can possess what you confess. Look at yourselves in the mirror as you read this and believe every word! YOU ARE HIS DREAM GIRL!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Easter Story....

Though Pilate found Jesus without fault
Though no man did Jesus assault
The people shouted Crucify Him!Crucify Him!
All the people wanted to do was kill Him

Lashed, mocked, hurled with insults by men
whipped and laughed at again and again
Simon from Cyrene carried His cross
The people wanted to crucify Him with no remorse

Some women cried, mourned and wailed
But Jesus told them not to on His way to be nailed.
two criminals were led out with Him
One on the left and one on the right of the man who had no sin

Father forgive them Jesus said
Soldiers mocked, rulers sneered He was dismayed
One of the crucified criminals insulted him too
But the other didn't and Jesus told him he'd be in heaven before he knew

Darkness came over the whole land on every side
Curtain of the temple torn in two then Jesus died
"Surely this was a righteous man," the centurion said
but Jesus-without sin had died and bled

Joseph of Arimathea took the body and wrapped it
In linen cloth and into a tomb he placed it
Where none had been laid before
and a stone was used to seal the door

Early the third day women came with perfume and spice
they found the stone rolled away much to their surprise
Suddenly men in shiny clothes stood beside them
and gave them the good news that Jesus had risen!

The women told the Eleven what they had heard
but they thought the news was too absurd
Peter went to the tomb himself to see
saw the linen on the tomb floor and wondered if it could really be

Then on the way to Emmaus two were talking
and Jesus joined them as they were walking
they did not know him and told him of things he knew
and they persuaded him to stay with them too

When Jesus broke bread before them they eyes saw
and when they realized He actually rose they were in awe
they went and told the elven what they saw and that it was true
that Jesus is alive and appeared to them in full view

Jesus then appeared to them and said "peace be with you"
They were startled and frightened, like a ghost went "boo!"
And He told them to look at his hands and his feet.
To believe it was him in flesh and bones, no deceit.

He then asked them for something to eat
They were amazed and gave him fish as a treat
He then led the eleven to Bethany where he blessed them
he then left them and was taken up into heaven

So you see Jesus came and died and rose again
For you and I - for our sins He was in pain
His pain not in vain, the lamb that was slain
that we may not die but life in Him to gain.

~~~~~~~~Luke 23-24 (NIV)~~~~~~~~~~~~